Kabaret@Karamel’s “ANIMUS” features works by internationally celebrated vegan visual artists.

A free art exhibit featuring works by an international group of world-renowned vegan painters, photographers, and digital artists is on display now through September 9, 2016 in a gallery at North London’s Karamel vegan restaurant. Louise Wallis, co-director of the gallery space and the show’s co-curator, said, “ANIMUS will be exploring human treatment of other animals, as well as the vegan identity and what it means to see with ‘our’ eyes. The aim is to support animals hidden from the public gaze to be seen. Animals will feature in all works and provide the overarching theme.” Wallis and her artistic partner, Frank Huston, recruited many acclaimed visual artists for the exhibit, including Sue Coe, Jo-anne McArthur, Roger Olmos, Amy Guidry, Philip McCulloch Downs, Matthew Maran, and Jana Schirmer.

Source: Vegan Art Exhibition Showing at London Gallery