Grab the tissue box, everyone, and get ready to cry some tears of joy. When this elderly pup’s hooman returned from three months at Basic Combat Training, he just couldn’t stop wagging his tail and wiggling around! You can just see the smile on his face as he runs into his BFF’s arms.

Even after being apart, this dog clearly never forgot about his hooman pal. A dog’s loyalty is pretty remarkable, and after watching this video, it’s no surprise why they’re are often called a person’s best friend. They’re always there for us, even when we’re far away!

People often think having  an elderly dog is nowhere near as fun as having a young, energetic pup. They’re often overlooked because they often need special care and treatment. But this elderly dog proves that love and happiness don’t come with a timestamp! We’re so happy they were able to share that special moment.

Source: Touching Moment Elderly Dog is Reunited With Soldier BFF With Melt Your Heart (VIDEO) | One Green Planet