New York-based chef and restaurateur Ravi DeRossi spoke with the Village Voice about how the terminal diagnosis of his beloved cat inspired him to make his 15 restaurants vegan.
DeRossi cleared his busy schedule to stay at home and care for his ailing feline friend. During this difficult time, he started journaling to help himself cope. “What he wrote turned into a manifesto of sorts—a platform for his life, business, and company,” the article states. On Christmas morning, he decided it was time for a change.
DeRossi had been a lifelong animal lover and on-and-off vegan, yet when he broke into the restaurant industry nearly a decade ago, he felt like he had to serve meat to be successful. About four years ago, he began feeling guilty for straying from his moral code. “I got sucked into that world. I sort of lost my conscience along the way,” he admits.
Thankfully, restaurateurs like DeRossi no longer need to serve meat to succeed. The world is changing and new vegan restaurants and products are coming out every day. It’s truly an exciting time!
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