The California Highway Patrol processes a lot of strange emergency calls, but a flurry of complaints about a runaway unicorn made the ‘top 10 list’ last week.

Juliet is a 600 pound Shetland pony who occasionally wears an artificial horn that makes her resemble a unicorn. She’s a family pet who sometimes works with photographer Sandra Boos during her work taking portraits of children or entertaining them at birthday parties. And while Juliet normally enjoys being showered with affection, something spooked her at the most recent event and she took off running.

Over the next few hours, Juliet was spotted on numerous highways, generating tremendous curiosity. And while you wouldn’t imagine it would be difficult to spot a snow white unicorn, Juliet stayed on the move, keeping just ahead of police. But soon, life on the run got a little too hot for Juliet who sought shade and camouflage in an orchard of white flowering trees.

However, Juliet wasn’t prepared for the helicopter searching for her overhead or the heat-seeking radar used by police. As soon as a report went out across the radio to say that Juliet had been located, a neighbor raced to the scene.

It seems that Juliet is enamored with a horse named Shady who lives in her neighborhood. Shady is the pet of local resident Renee Pardy who had a hunch that Juliet would be willing to stop and visit with Shady for a while.

“That’s the nature of horses,” Pardy said. “They want to be in a group. They’re herd animals. We had been chasing Juliet the unicorn for so long that she was looking for a friend.”

Juliet followed Shady into a trailer where she was safely loaded up and homeward bound.

”We had a fairy tale ending to something that could have been terrible,” Boos said after a good night’s rest with Juliet back in the barn. “I appreciate everyone’s support. We will be implementing a few new safety protocols.”

Source: Runaway ‘Unicorn’ Rescued by Helicopter and Horseback | Care2 Causes