The lure of a chewy, tasty granola bar proved too powerful for one German Shepherd on the run from Massachusetts State Police along busy Interstate 495. The dog was weaving in and out of all three southbound lanes when police arrived, but she was not about to go down without a fight or at least a bite to eat.

Troopers Malachy Higgins and Dana Atkinson tried to corral the dog named Lexi onto an exit ramp, but she ran straight back into traffic. So the Methuen Police and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation joined in and traffic was brought to a halt temporarily while the rescue unfolded.

It wasn’t until Trooper Higgins pulled out his emergency granola bar that Lexi decided to reform her shadowy past as a runaway. She jumped straight into the driver’s seat of his vehicle where she went on to spill his coffee and switch on the sirens.

“I’m a dog owner myself, so I know how it would feel if my dog was lost,” Higgins told the Boston Herald while thinking of his own Australian shepherd Teddy. “I have a wife and a 1-year-old. I know how devastating it would be for them if we lost him.”

Although Lexi never got to eat the granola bar because Officer Higgins was unsure if she might have an allergy to nuts, he did make sure she enjoyed some dog food before she was returned to her family. And with temperatures about to drop well below zero, it appears she was rescued just in time.

“Thank you to the State troopers and Methuen police,” Lexie’s guardian Rose Marchand said. “Lexie got scared off by the snow falling off the roof of the house. She’s home safe now with her family and best friend (dad). Thank you all for caring.”

Source: Police Packing a Granola Bar, Rescue Dog on Frigid Highway | Care2 Causes