Bats are some of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. Most people fear or recoil at the mention of the word “bat,” but they play a vital role in our global ecosystem. Pollination by bats make many of the foods we enjoy possible, and these animals are also great at controlling mosquito and pest populations. While some people might think bats are scary, the reality is that a world without bats would be much scarier for us.

Bats are endangered by habitat loss, human conflict, and the disease White-Nose Syndrome. Although bat populations are in decline, the good news is that many people are beginning to take action in defense of these animals. Take this kind person who is helping to rehabilitate a baby bat, for example.

This good samaritan rescued the cutest baby bat ever after it had injured its wing. Bed rest and good food are a start, but if this little one was ever going to fly again they’d need to find a way to keep the baby still. If the baby bat flopped around or tried to fly before the wing was healed, it could be permanently injured. A sling would work, but who keeps bat sized slings around? So this good samaritan put on their thinking cap and came up with this awesome solution.

Who knew a sock could work as a makeshift bat sling? They even decided to use a batman sock which is totally awesome!


This is adorable and we’re glad to see that people are treating bats like the awesome animals they are. Do you know someone who doesn’t believe that bats can be cute? Send them this. We guarantee that it’ll change their mind!

Source: This Baby Bat Broke His Wing …Then His Rescuer Did Something Awesome to Help (PHOTO) | One Green Planet