Cozy the Chimpanzee lived a life no animal should. According to a video posted by The Jane Goodall Institute of South Africa, he was bred in a U.S. laboratory where he was used for research, only to later be purchased by a person who used him as a tourist trap – dressing him up in clothes and forcing him to take pictures with people. C

Over the course of his sad life, Cozy had been beaten so severely that rescuers said he suffered brain damage from the physical trauma. When his owner died, Cozy was kept in a small caravan where he was unable to walk or climb.

Thankfully, The Jane Goodall Institute was able to rescue this chimpanzee and he is now living at a sanctuary with 12 other Chimp friends. We are so thrilled to see Cozy thriving and only wish other chimps could have the same happy ending.

Source: Tear-Jerking Story of Cozy the Former Lab Chimp Who Was Rescued From Life as a Pet Shows All Animals Deserve to be Free (VIDEO) | One Green Planet