A deaf man risked his life to save a young deer who collapsed through a frozen Minnesota river.

Steven Peterson was driving across a bridge when he spotted the distressed deer in the frozen Kettle River near Duluth. Peterson knew that in order to save the animal’s life, he would have to act fast. Because of his disability, he chose not to call 911 and decided to save the ailing animal himself.

Carefully crossing the ice, Peterson used a tree branch to balance himself on the ice. He lassoed a rope around the deer’s neck, and eventually pulled the doe to safety.

Once she was on firm ground, he then checked her over for any possible injuries. Other than being covered in ice, luckily, the deer only suffered minor injuries. To be safe, Peterson stayed with his new friend — who he called Miss Ice River — until she was ready to leave.

“I am so glad she is safe,” he says in American sign language in his video. “Now we need to find her mother.”

Thankfully there are good samaritans like Peterson who are willing to lend a hand, or a hoof, when needed.

Watch Peterson explain his ordeal, here:

Source: WATCH: Deaf Man Risks Life to Save Frozen Deer | Ecorazzi