January is the new Veganuary.

With the New Year comes tons of resolutions. If you’re thinking of trying a vegan diet in 2016, you might want to take the Veganuary pledge to help you out.

Veganuary is a worldwide campaign encouraging people to try out a vegan diet for 31 days in the new year. The idea behind the project is a smart one: after all of the December indulgences, why not kick off the new year with a healthier diet?

After all, a vegan diet has not only been proven to shed major pounds, but it also helps lower levels of cholesterol, blood-pressure, as well as the risks of diabetes and cancer more than our meat-eating peers.

Veganuary comes from a U.K.-based husband-and-wife team, Matthew Glover and Jane Land, who started it back in late 2013, and which officially launched last year.

“We wanted to provide people with the practical help and advice to try vegan, but we also wanted to create an inclusive community where people could feel supported and heard,” Land writes on the campaign’s site.

So far more than 10,000 new people from 115 countries have pledged to join the annual ‘Veganuary’ campaign and try vegan for the month of January. Whether you’re a vegetarian, pescetarian or an omnivore — you are all invited to try out the plant-based diet for 31 days.

Participants sign up on the website by pledging to remove animal products from their diet for the first month of 2016. For those who are anxious about taking the plant-based plunge, there is a ton of support on the website, including recipes, a product directory, as well as tips on where to eat out as a vegan. There’s also a myth busting section that pretty much reiterates that a vegan lifestyle is healthy and anything but boring.

Some tips for the vegan newbie: During the transition phase, it can be tough breaking those old habits and keeping things familiar can help. Glover and Land suggest try to ‘veganize’ your go-to meals, from burgers to ice cream.

Also, ensuring that you are replacing your meat protein with a plant-based protein is very important. Eating only veggies and carbs is going to leave you ‘hangry,’ so remember to stock up on beans, legums, quinoa, tofu, seitan, nuts and tempeh to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

And with any new diet or habit, remember to be patient and gentle with yourself — and have fun!

We think Veganuary is a great way to investigate a vegan lifestyle for a short-term, although chances are, you might be in it for the long haul.

Sign up here: www.veganuary.com/

Source: Take the ‘Veganuary’ Pledge This New Year | Ecorazzi