Typically leaping from a moving vehicle isn’t encouraged, but in the case of a pregnant pig, her courageous jump actually saved her life.

The pig made the brave leap off of a truck that was headed to a slaughterhouse on California’s Interstate 10. The pig, who was later named Rita, was taken by animal control officers to Sacramento County Animal Shelter where she gave birth to nine piglets.

Per local laws, the shelter was able to retain temporary custody of the pig in the event that Rita’s owner attempted to claim her. Fortunately, no such owner came forward to claim the new family, so Rita and her babies were taken to Animal Place on their 600-acre sanctuary in Grass Valley where they are loving and living life.

“The piglets are thriving under Rita’s gentle care. They enjoy special heat lamps at night and frolicking outside with mama during the day. Watching them grow, enjoy life — all under the watchful eye of their mom – is heartwarming,” Animal Place said in a blog post.

Once the piglets are older, they will transfer to other animal sanctuaries where they will be able to live out the rest of their lives happily and freely — as every pig should.

Watch Rita and her cute piglets frolic here:

Source: Pig Jumps Off Slaughter Truck, Saving Its Life | Ecorazzi