Military personnel go through an enormous amount of work, and sometimes trauma, to keep us safe. They put their lives on the line and go months at a time without seeing their loved ones. So when they finally do return, they definitely deserve a big welcome!

Gracie, the pup in this video, had the right idea when welcoming her hooman back from Afghanistan. When she sets eyes on her long-missed BFF, she absolutely explodes with happiness. The gravity of her reaction is enough to bring a tear to our eyes! We bet that she didn’t leave his side for at least a week after this video was shot!

An update in the video description confirms that Gracie and her family are all doing well. Gracie’s 12 now, but she’s still an amazing friend to this brave soldier. In honor of this sweet reunion, be sure to give a big hug to all the people and dogs in your life – even if you see them every day!

Source: Dog’s Reaction to Seeing Her Soldier Human Return From Afghanistan Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye! (VIDEO) | One Green Planet