Anyone who has ever walked through deep mud knows how hard it can be to break free. So what happens to an animal weighing at least a dozen times more than the average man? Well, for one enormous draft horse named Tom, the Louisiana mud bowl at the bottom of a pond proved nearly impossible to escape…that is until first responders launched into action.

Earlier this month, the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office received a call from caretakers at a farm in the town of Haughton. They reported that Tom, a therapy horse, had lost his footing at the edge of a pond after escaping his paddock. Sheriff’s deputies tried to coax Tom back onto solid ground, but his weight and the deep mud created a vacuum. Tom, after all, is reported to weigh close to 2,500 pounds (1,133 kilos)!


Firefighters from the East 80 Fire District #1 arrived to assist the deputies, and before long, the horse’s guardian was also racing to the pond.


“She was dressed for work, wearing a dress and nice shoes,” Deputy Keith Plunkett told “As soon as she got there, she tore her shoes off and went straight into the water to try and help. It was clear she really, really loved and cared about this horse.”


Firefighter Lee Hedgepeth secured straps around Tom’s body, and with a tractor, the team heaved the horse toward dry ground.

Fortunately, a veterinarian on-scene gave Tom a clean bill of health and a stern warning to stay away from the pond during his next adventure.


Source: First Responders Swarm to Save Giant Draft Horse Sinking in Muddy Pond | Care2 Causes