PETA’s 5-foot-tall inflatable lawn turkeys are popping up in yards across the country to encourage people to “gobble veggies, not turkeys.”

Andrea and Turkey3

Animal advocates such as Andrea Glassberg of Charlotte, North Carolina, wanted to display the “birds” to make people think about the fact that turkeys are living, feeling beings, just like dogs and cats. Yet, for the sake of a centerpiece, they are killed at just 6 months old in terrifying and painful ways.

Michael and Turkey

It’s easy to give turkeys something to be thankful for by decorating your table with a tasty, healthy, and humane Tofurky Roast or Field Roast as well as other festive vegan holiday dishes (we have dozens of scrumptious recipes to get you started). And you can still use a turkey for decoration—on your lawn.

Source: Giant ‘Turkeys’ Appear on Lawns Asking People to Gobble Veggies | PETA’s Blog | PETA