Get your tissues out.

A heartbreaking photo of a devoted dog from Dallas who refused to leave the side of his dying canine friend has gone viral.

The loyal dog, a Great Pyrenees, stood guard by his dying friend on a road running alongside Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery in Texas. The stray dog was reportedly hit by a car and it appears the Great Pyrenees dragged his friend from the street.

The tragic photo was snapped by passer-by Samuel Flores and posted on Facebook, which was shared by local animal advocate Julie Fennell.

“He was just kind of sitting guard, like a statue, just sitting there watching over his friend’s body,” she told a local NBC affiliate. “It really looks like she was hit in the road, you can see the blood in the road, and it looks like he [dragged] her up on to the grass out of the road.”

Fennell, who rushed to the scene with a friend, said the devastated animal had been there for hours, though they couldn’t determine the dog’s history or why he was so loyal to his deceased pal.

“He made a friend,” Fennell said. “Whether it was his companion in his yard at home or whether they met up as strays, but something made him stay by her side.”

The Grand Pyrenees, who is obviously a very sweet guy, was taken to Dallas animal services. If he is not claimed within 72 hours, he will be taken to Spin Rescue, an organization that is dedicated to rescuing Grand Pyrenees dogs.

We hope this hero finds his forever home soon! He deserves it.

Source: Loyal Dog Stands Guard By Stray Friend Killed By Car | Ecorazzi