george-clooney-nespresso-592x400George Clooney, who’s been a brand ambassador for Nespresso in Europe for years, talks about the company’s sustainability efforts as well as stars in a new U.S. ad.

“There is a sustainability project with Nespresso that is surpassed by no one,” Clooney says in the clip. “Nobody does what they do.”

Not surprisingly, the actor and activist serves on the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board, aimed at improving the lives and futures of coffee farmers.

After nine years as a spokesperson for the company in Europe, the Oscar winner has also finally agreed to promote the brand in North America with television and online ads rolling out this week. Promoting the company’s social impact and sustainability commitments are part of the deal.

“Nespresso and I have a shared commitment to sustainability, most recently helping to rebuild coffee farms in South Sudan,” Clooney said in a statement. “They are an incredibly responsible company and I am excited to expand my partnership with them into the U.S.”

Clooney made headlines a couple years ago when he announced that he uses his sizeable Nespresso paychecks on a satellite aimed at Sudanese dictator  Omar al-Bashir.

“[m]ost of the money I make on the [Nespresso] commercials I spend keeping a satellite over the border of North and South Sudan to keep an eye on Omar al-Bashir,” he said at the time.

On a lighter note, take a look at Clooney’s first ad with good friend, Danny DeVito. In the commercial, Clooney, sporting a war general costume, must convince DeVito, who’s dressed as Napoleon, that his choice of coffee is as old as his character.

Source: WATCH: Clooney Talks About Nespresso’s Sustainability Efforts | Ecorazzi