An enormous farm animal rescue operation was recently carried out to save over 200 animals who were living in horrific conditions in a backyard slaughter facility located in New York state. Seeing the images of the conditions in which these animals were living could bring even the most hardened person to tears. Luckily, these terrible days are over for the animals thanks to the combined efforts of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Skyland Farm Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary and the SPCA.

The video above shows some brief footage of the rescue operation and how one of the liberated pig families is doing now. These piggies are now in the care of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary where they will get to live out the rest of their days in complete bliss.

While it is heartbreaking to think that these animals could have known such extreme cruelty in their lives, it is wonderful to see how they are doing now. Never again will they have to worry about being exploited or abused!

Source: Rescued From a Horrific Backyard Butcher, Mama Pig and Her Babies Get a Second Chance at Life! (VIDEO) | One Green Planet