Life for a homeless dog is difficult to say the least. Without a steady source of food, water or proper medical care, stray dogs are subjected to constant fear and stress. As animal lovers, it is heartbreaking to see a homeless dog or cat struggling on the streets – but thankfully, there are many kind people who have devoted their lives to helping these animals.

Hope for Paws is a wonderful dog rescue organization based in Los Angeles that helps save stray dogs from dire situations and give them a second chance at life.

In this video, Eldad from Hope for Paws set out with Heather Rowe to save a pair of homeless pups who were living in an industrial park next to a set of train tracks. Although the dogs were initially terrified of the humans who had come to rescue them, with some expert coaxing, the Hope for Paws team managed to get the pups to trust them.

After a good bath and a little TLC, these pooches, now named Dill and Pickles are ready for their forever home! To learn more about adopting these two cuties, visit the Barks N Bitches website.

Source: 2 Homeless Dogs Rescued From Train Tracks Get the Chance to Find a Forever Home (VIDEO) | One Green Planet