National Feral Cat Day is in less than a month. Are you ready?

Every year on October 16, National Feral Cat Day empowers millions of compassionate Americans to begin or evolve their advocacy for cats. What makes National Feral Cat Day so special are the hundreds of activities nationwide (and globally) honoring feral cats, also known as community cats, and the growing movement to save their lives.

National Feral Cat Day began in 2001 to bring awareness to and effect change in how communities approached feral cats. This year’s theme, “The Evolution of the Cat Revolution,” highlights the evolution of the cat protection movement, and the revolution in municipalities, shelters and the public to save community cats’ lives.

Feral cats exist in every community, and are the same species as pet cats. However, feral cats aren’t socialized to humans and can’t be adopted. They live healthy lives outdoors in family groups called colonies, and bond with other cats.

Virtually 100 percent of feral cats brought to shelters or pounds are killed. In fact, shelters are the leading cause of death for cats.

That’s why cat lovers nationwide are partnering with their shelters to implement Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs to humanely trap, sterilize and vaccinate cats before returning them to their outdoor homes.

National Feral Cat Day is a worldwide call to save cats, change communities, and help shelters become feline friendly. Every cat advocate is a critical part of the movement.

Five easy ways to evolve your cat advocacy:

1. Visit and use the interactive map to see what activities are scheduled in your community.

2. Plan your own activity! You get free National Feral Cat Day swag when you register an event, and you get to help cats. It’s a win-win.

3. Connect with cat advocates in your area by looking up your local Feral Friends at

4. Make sure you’re receiving the latest news about the cat revolution by visiting

5. Join the National Feral Cat Day party on social media by using #FeralCatDay.

No matter how you choose to participate, consider joining the revolution and evolving your cat advocacy for National Feral Cat Day 2015.

Visit for more information, free tools and resources, and ideas on how you can get involved.

Source: 5 Inspiring and Easy Ways to Help Cats | Care2 Causes