What’s better than a Yelp recommendation for a vegan restaurant? A glowing stamp of approval from PETA President Ingrid Newkirk, along with a host of A-list celebrities.

Newkirk recently touted Sublime, a vegan restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as the number-one celebrity vegan dining spot in the U.S.

The animal rights organization put Sublime at the top of its Top Five Star-Studded Vegan Restaurants list this year. Newkirk says the award is based on seeking out veg-friendly restaurants outside of New York and Los Angeles where it’s typical to run into a vegan celeb, like Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres, on a more regular basis.

“In those cities, stars basically put their foot outside the door and find five vegan restaurants on every block. You always see famous faces in them. We were interested in finding where else they eat when they are traveling or on location,” Newkirk told the Broward Palm Beach New Times.

To determine the worthy winner, PETA asked its network of vegan and vegetarian celebrities where they eat while on the road. It turns out that a lot of them dine at Sublime.

Paul McCartney has eaten there while coming through town, and television journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell practically has a private room there. She basically lives at Sublime. On the wall, there’s a picture of basketball great John Salley picking up Sublime’s owner Nanci [Alexander]., and there’s a large Peter Max painting on the wall. Everybody who is anybody within a fork’s distance has been there. That’s pretty amazing for a Fort Lauderdale restaurant,” said Newkirk.

Other celebrity sightings include Pam Anderson, who celebrated her 40th birthday party there, as well as model Joanna Krupa, Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Nealon and Bill Maher — to name a few.

Newkirk says the secret behind Sublime’s, well, sublime food is that it’s delicious fare that appeals to both vegans and carnivores.

“It’s a meat eater’s vegan restaurant. Nanci Alexander set it up that way. You can have [vegan] chicken piccati and frittomisto. Where could you have a more sublime tiramisu?”

Newkirk says the idea for the list was ensure the vegans of America that good vegan food could be found anywhere, and not just in big cities like New York and L.A.

“There are many wonderful restaurants tucked away.”

Who else is getting hungry?

Source: PETA Says Sublime Is the Number One Celebrity Vegan Restaurant in the U.S. | Ecorazzi