The groundbreaking doc, “Cowspiracy,” was recently acquired by Netflix and will debut on the global streaming service on Sept. 15.

The film, which is executive-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is a controversial look at the animal agriculture industry, and explores how its practices are largely to blame for global warming, water depletion, deforestation, species extinction, and ocean dead zones.

Filmmaker Kip Andersen was the brainchild behind the doc and later recruited Keegan Kuhn to help him make the movie. The duo interviewed dozens of environmental activists, some of whom were routinely threatened for speaking out.

Ecorazzi spoke with Andersen last year at the time of its LA and New York premieres, and the interview is a fascinating look at the pivotal doc. Make sure the flick is on your Netflix queue in September — you won’t regret it.

Source: ‘Cowspiracy’ Coming to Netflix | Ecorazzi