Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) released a new animated video that reveals the horrific truth of the agribusiness without the “too graphic” details.

“Let’s shine a light on the truth of what’s happening behind closed doors of farming operations,” the narrator says alluding to the fact that many agricultural companies have recently lobbied to pass laws to make undercover filming of their farms illegal.

The three-minute film dives into many important issues facing the current state of factory farming: baby cows and piglets being forced away from their mothers within moments of being born; farms that breed egg-laying hens kill off their male chicks instantly; pigs, cows and chickens are stuck in small crates in which they cannot move or turn around, as well as the “standard practices”of mutilation, like severing beaks, tails and testicles. The plight of turkeys and fish who are bred on farms are also mentioned.

“These feeling beings are turned into objects for mere profit,” says the narrator, reminding us that no federal laws regulate animal farming.

The video is insightful and smart, and easily digestible for those who have a sensitive stomach when viewing actual horrific footage of what really goes on at farms across the country. It was produced by Thought Café, a studio that specializes in socially relevant video and produces the “Crash Course” educational series.

Watch the video for yourself, here:

WATCH: FARM’s New Video, ‘Have We Been Lied To?’ | Ecorazzi.