jon-stewart-592x360Jon Stewart recently discussed his retirement plans with his “Daily Show” audience, which includes running an animal sanctuary on his new farm.

Comedy Central recently released a compilation of Stewart’s recent interactions with audience members, which includes many fans wondering how Stewart will spend his time once he leaves his hugely popular show.

“Let me make something clear, I’m not dying,” Stewart joked to his audience, while also commenting on his recently purchased New Jersey farm. “The plans for the animal sanctuary is to bring animals there and trick them into thinking it’s a sanctuary and then just have a giant barbecue,” he said, tongue firmly in cheek.

Stewart and his wife, Tracey, bought their new property earlier this year with the intention of providing a sanctuary for farm animals rescued from cruelty. The couple are huge animal advocates, and have been great supporters of Farm Sanctuary and its founder, Gene Baur. So much so that the organization is honoring the Stewarts, along with Morrissey, at their upcoming New York Gala at The Plaza in October. The couple, who will be in attendance to receive their much-deserved awards, will be recognized for “their efforts to promote compassion for farm animals, who comprise the largest single population of abused and exploited animals on Earth.”

Congratulations to both Jon and Tracey! And we are looking forward to what Jon has up his sleeve in his retirement. We’re sure he will make very good use of his time off.

Jon Stewart’s Post-‘Daily Show’ Plans Include Running Animal Sanctuary | Ecorazzi.