pamelaandersoncooking-592x399Pamela Anderson has launched her very own online cooking show where she and her friend Delahna Flagg make easy vegan meals.

“You only learn how to cook from your parents and the way you were raised. So then if all of a sudden you’re like ‘I want to be vegan’, then you’re like ‘what? how am I am going to cook that?’ That’s why I wanted to do these little vignettes,” explains Anderson in the first video of the ‘Sensual Vegan’ series. ”I don’t even know what I’m doing. I could live off toast, peanut butter and sweet potatoes because I know how to do those two things. But my repertoire is exploding.”

The first ten of a series of videos the actress, vegan and animal rights activist has released teach viewers how to make lentil bean stew and quinoa ginger/fennel salad. The short videos show both women informally talking and cooking in Anderson’s kitchen, adding a little side note on how onions are an aphrodisiac or how Anderson has strived to make “perfect and fluffy” quinoa for a while. The two banter on while the meals are cooking and Anderson assists Flagg while walking around in daisy dukes.

“An important part of being vegan is that you got to find flavor in different places,” mentions Flagg while chopping the ginger. “You can’t rely on…”

“Butter and eggs,” completes Anderson.

“And all the stuff that makes sauces,” Flagg finishes. “There’s not a lot of cream sauces which is good for a vegan. It keeps you nice and thin, and active and healthy and we like all that stuff.”

The ‘Sensual Vegan’ series is part of a bigger project Anderson is working on: a cookbook that will feature more vegan recipes she’s learned along her journey living a cruelty free life. The book is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2016.

Pamela Anderson Launches ‘Sensual Vegan’ Cooking Show | Ecorazzi.