tesla-592x399A new report shows the car company is the only luxury brand to a offer a completely vegan interior in a vehicle.

In the last two weeks, Tesla was approached during its annual shareholder’s meeting with a proposal by animal rights activists to start offering a car with fully vegan interiors. The proposal was denied — but thankfully, it wasn’t necessary in the first place as the Business Insider found the company already offers that option.

The publication looked into all luxury car brands to find if any of them has a car that contains no animal by products of any kind and the results were dismal.

Lexus, Audi, and Jaguar Land Rover all offered only leather interiors. Acura and Infiniti offered the option of swapping the leather seats for non-leather fabric but the steering wheels on both brands were still only available in leather. BMW offers a non-leather option called SensaTec but, being made “from a blend of recycled materials and wool,” it is still not vegan. Mercedes Benz was not reached for comment.

The one exception to the luxury car market was Tesla. On top of being environmentally friendly by being electric, the car can also be cruelty free when buyers choose the Multi-Pattern Black Seats that are made with synthetic fabric and have a faux leather trim.  And unlike all of the other luxury brands, Tesla also adds that “for the few customers wanting a non-leather steering wheel, we can provide one.”

Tesla Actually Already Offers a Full Vegan Interior | Ecorazzi.