nosey-the-elephant-592x399A group of animal activists are planning a rally in Washington D.C. this week in hopes of finally freeing Nosey the Elephant.

Nosey is a 32-year-old pachyderm who was sold to Hugo Liebel in 1988 and has been used in circuses performances and elephant rides since then. Nosey has been in the spotlight for several years now amid complaints she is forced to perform despite her obvious suffering from arthritis and a chronic untreated eye infection. Last fall, actress Olivia Munn fired off a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture chastising the agency for being aware of Nosey’s condition and not doing anything about it, and demanding that they confiscate Nosey from Liebel and permanently revoke his exhibitor’s license.

Unfortunately, despite that Liebel has been cited for violating the Animal Welfare Act two hundred times, the USDA did not revoke his license and Nosey continues to suffer. It’s for this reason that the group Save Nosey NOW!, is holding the rally, on June 26.

The event will take place at 11 a.m., and so far, according to its Facebook page, nearly 500 people are planning to attend. The group plans to “walk around the USDA building in protest of their actions and urge them to rescind that license and confiscate Nosey so that she may enjoy the rest of her life in a true sanctuary, away from the threats of bullhooks, chains and electric shocks.”

The rally is being supported by other animal rights groups, including PETA, AARF and JaneUnChained‘s own Jane Velez-Mitchell who will report live.

We hope that the USDA finally listens to the pleas and gives Nosey the freedom that she deserves.

Activists to Descend Upon USDA to Save Nosey the Elephant | Ecorazzi.