shutterstock_28915669It’s become a lot safer to be an animal in Israel, as this week the country approved amendments to its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law.

The changes now make animal abuse and negligence a criminal violation that can result in jail time up to a year. Furthermore, it’s possible to now prosecute companies and not just individuals. That means that those in the meat industry, for example, are now liable for their treatment of animals.

Of course, the meat industry kills animals, but that it stands to reason that the law means the treatment of the animals before they are slaughtered. Additionally, animal rights groups have opposed the setting of a specific maximum sentence for negligence, especially as the previous more general ban could have resulted in a sentence of up to three years.

Nevertheless, more serious offenders could face three to four years in jail, while company executives can also be prosecuted.

Elsewhere, this week the Ministry of Agriculture ordered the shutdown of the Dabbah slaughterhouse, which is the largest in the nation. It was revealed after an investigation that animals were grossly mistreated on a widespread, institutional scale. The decision followed a request from the Australian Department of Agriculture after footage was captured by the animal rights group Animals Australia.

The grotesque video was aired on television, showing working beating cattle with sticks and slicing their throats and hanging them while still conscious.

Israel Shuts Down Largest Slaughterhouse, Extends Animal Protections | Ecorazzi.