iStock_000013589447_cinoby-602x401There are already 12-step groups that help people kick their destructive addictions to alcohol, drugs, and food. Now, within the realm of food addiction, a new 12-step group is forming: Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous. The group will help people struggling with addictive cravings for meat and dairy products—which are contributing to the nation’s abuse of farmed animals and its epidemic of heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity.

Some people struggle with cravings when they first make the switch to healthy plant-based foods that are free of cholesterol. Others need help introducing their family and friends to their new compassionate lifestyle. For many, eating foods that spare the lives of animals is a spiritual journey toward nonviolence. Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous is a program for people seeking to abstain from meat, eggs, and dairy products and maintain this food sobriety.

In keeping with 12-step traditions, these meetings are not affiliated with PETA or any organization. We are simply offering space in Los Angeles; Oakland, California; New York City; and Norfolk, Virginia—cities that PETA has offices in—for Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous meetings. Anyone interested in using our space is encouraged to contact us. The anonymous organizers tell us that they hope to see chapters popping up in other cities so that people across the country can have access to a network of healthy, compassionate, supportive vegan friends.

Meat and Dairy Eaters Anonymous Launched in Nation’s Capital | PETA’s Blog | PETA.