animalrights-592x399A new poll shows that the number of Americans that believe animals are entitled to having the same rights and protections as humans has grown.

A Gallup poll called 1,024 randomly selected numbers and asked Americans 18 years old and over about their concern for animals in different settings for the third time (the first being in 2003 and the second in 2008) and the results are encouraging.

“Almost a third of Americans, 32%, believe animals should be given the same rights as people, while 62% say they deserve some protection but can still be used for the benefit of humans,” reads the results for the poll. “The strong animal rights view is up from 2008 when 25% thought animals’ rights should be on par with humans’.”

As a whole, women were more likely than men to believe in equal animal rights to humans as well as democrats and democrat learning independents over republicans. Age didn’t play a part in people’s opinions.

When it came to the different settings in which animals were used, people were most concerned about animals used in research with 33 percent saying they were “very concerned,” followed by animals used in competitive sports and contest (32 percent) and animals in the circus (31 percent). Although situations like animals used for livestock and in marine aquariums and amusement parks didn’t make the top three main concerns, that’s not to say that the rest of the people were unconcerned with those matters. When it came to animals in parks like SeaWorld, 62 percent of poll respondents were “very/somewhat concerned” and 54 percent felt the same way about animals being killed for meat and in factory farms.

Gallup hypothesized that different reasons behind the increase in people’s concern for animals may be films like ‘Blackfish’ and ‘Food Inc.’ that have exposed the horrors done to animals when the public is not present and the work of animal rights advocates (yay, us!). Despite not being able to point out exactly what the reasoning behind people’s concern was, it concluded that “it is clear that Americans have become more likely to believe that animals should have the same rights and protections as people, though this still remains the minority viewpoint.”

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