pig-rescueWhen a truck carrying 800 piglets to a fattening farm overturned, the most unimaginable terror ensued.

Close to 450 piglets died on impact and hundreds more were left injured, trapped and screaming for help. After suffering in pain for hours a vet finally showed up and sorted through them deciding who was able to be sent on to the fattening farm and who was to be killed right there and then. Moving from one pig to the next, deciding their fate in an instant, the vet used a captive bolt gun to murder any that were injured and in need of medical treatment.

While We See Crash Victims, Others See a Free Meal

When the local people heard about the accident they too flocked to the scene. Seeing the poor defenseless crash victims as a free meal, they began cramming as many piglets as they could into their cars and hiding them in their gardens, a sight which showed the darker side of humanity. There was total disparity between these body snatchers and the small team of animal activists who heard about the unimaginable incident and came to try and save some of the piglets who were still fighting for their lives.

Out of the 800 piglets inside the truck, only 16 were able to be saved, around 100 were deemed healthy enough to be reloaded onto a different truck and taken to the fattening farm, and the remainder died on impact or were killed on site.

Where Were the Piglets Going?

These ten week old piglets were born and bred at a breeding facility where they spent their entire lives confined to tiny stalls devoid of sunlight and denied all their natural instincts. From there they are crammed into trucks and transported to fattening farms where they will spend the remainder of their short lives being overfed and exploited further until they are finally slaughtered at just six months of age.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals that love sunbathing, mud baths, belly rubs, rooting in the earth, and forming close bonds with one another (did you know they sleep nose to nose?). No animal should have to go through the traumatic and terrifying experiences that we subject them to just so we can consume their dead bodies.


Pigs Find a Happy Ending at Farm Sanctuaries

The 16 piglets rescued from the horrific ordeal are now enjoying a life of freedom in different farm sanctuaries around Spain, two of which made it here with us at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary. Howes and Flynn have settled into their forest surroundings and have been able to enjoy rooting around in the undergrowth, feeling the sun on their backs, and wallowing in the piggy pool.

Their life was destined to be just six months long, having been born into an industry that raises animals to be killed and eaten while they are still babies, but their fate changed when the truck overturned on its way to the fattening farm. Seeing them running around the sanctuary and exploring the world with such fascination in their eyes really brings into focus just how heartbreaking it is that millions of other piglets just like Howes and Flynn go through the system every single year, without ever getting to experience their natural wants and desires, without ever being recognized as the sentient, beautiful, intelligent creatures they really are. Pigs are not food, they are living beings who have just as much right to a free life as you or I.

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