shutterstock_242366218For the first time in the history of the state of California, there will be mandatory restrictions on water.

In response to the ever-growing drought crisis happening in the state, Governor Jerry Brown in an executive order on Wednesday has declared cutbacks on water consumption. Gov. Brown instructed the State Water Resources Control Board to work with agencies to cut water use by 25% throughout the state. No business or individual is immune: the cutbacks will address homeowners, farmers, and even golf courses.

The 25% cut will be measured against water use in 2013, before the drought began, and will be enacted through to February 28, 2016. What’s more, the Department of Water Resources will look to replace 50 million square feet of ornamental lawns and turf with drought tolerant landscapes. Campuses, cemeteries, and golf courses will be targeted as well.

The entire order can be read here.

The announcement comes during a visit to the Sierras, where the snowpack is measured annually. In years past it would stand at five or six feet; this year it was nearly non-existent. Due to low snowfall during the winter, the drought crisis has exacerbated.

On January 17, 2014, Gov. Brown declared a state of emergency, reinforcing that official declaration again on April 25 of last year.

“This is the new normal,” Governor Brown said. “We will learn how to cope with this.”

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