radamenes-592x399Rademenes is an extraordinary black cat who comforts sick and recovering animals at a Polish animal shelter.

Dubbed “Nurse Cat” online, Radamenes was once a sick kitty himself. He was brought into an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland, suffering from a serious upper respiratory infection. It was so bad that veterinarians debated whether or not to euthanize the little guy. But once they realized Radamenes wasn’t going to give up, they weren’t going to give up on him either.

And luckily, they didn’t –– because the black cat is now returning the act of kindness and compassion towards the other animals in the shelter.

Photos show Radamenes cuddling, licking and napping with recovering dogs and cats. Staff noticed he was particularly affectionate with those who were recovering from surgery.

Radamenes and dog

Now the shelter’s staff refer to Radamenes as their “little mascot.” We think he’s a little angel, who understands that everyone needs a little TLC at the doctor’s.

It just goes to show that compassion and empathy goes a long way in helping others, furry friends included.

Nurse Cat Comforts Sick Animals at Polish Hospital | Ecorazzi.