bentley-the-pig-592x399A blind piglet named Bentley is soothed by the singing of his adoptive mom, Corinne DiLorenzo, a trained opera singer and the founder of EARTH Animal Sanctuary.

Bentley was diagnosed with a rare bacterial meningitis, which can be fatal. According to DiLorenzo’s Facebook, he was given a ten percent chance to live. But, “I refused to give up on him, ” she says. “And he beat all the odds. His fighting spirit got him through the meningitis, which left him blind.”

After the nine-month-old piglet’s successful surgery earlier this week, DiLorenzo posted a video of herself softly singing an old Irish lullaby, the “Connemara Cradle Song” to the little guy.

“It just comes out naturally to me, when there is someone who needs comfort,” DiLorenzo told the Huffington Post. However, the animal lover did admit to switching up the lines about sailing with the herring instead of sailing with them caught aboard the boat.

“We need to start changing the way we view animals,” explains DiLorenzo, who opened up her sanctuary, which is mostly “for the unadoptables,” a year and a half ago.

Bentley came to the sanctuary as a youngster when he’d been voluntarily given up by a previous owner who came to realize that keeping a pet pig was hard work. Initially, DiLorenzo agreed to take in the piglet temporarily, but then he formed a friendship with a  a 10-year-old pig named Percy, and she couldn’t let him go.

When Bentley is discharged from his hospital (and his bill is paid), then he will return to his menagerie at home. Besides Percy, there are two other pigs, three dogs, about a dozen rabbits, three turtles, a bearded dragon, and a chinchilla, as well as one very spoiled rooster and hen couple.

DiLorenzo says all of her animals co-exist perfectly together.

“I think humans can learn so much from that,” she says.

So far the video has racked up almost 900,000 views. As DiLorenzo writes: Hearts and minds are being opened all over the world. Love transcends species.”

You can follow Bentley’s progress on the EARTH Animal Sanctuary Facebook page, and you can also help contribute to his medical expenses here.

We wish Bentley all the best with his progress!

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