thecamerons-592x399James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis Cameron’s vegan food store has opened its doors in New Zealand and business is booming.

“There definitely seems to be a market, and not just plant-based eaters, it’s for anyone that wants to try something a little bit different,” said general manager and chef David Futter about the new Food Forest Organics that opened last month in Greytown, New Zealand. “The raw food movement is becoming quite popular now too. What people are appreciating is they don’t have to travel to Wellington to get the products.”

The food store carries 95 percent organic produce grown in Cameron’s nearby farm in Featherston. Walnut oil, hemp seed oil and honey also are made at the award winning director’s farm and transported to the store for sale.

To go with the famous couple’s supported cause of eating to make the least environmental impact, the store carries plant-based foods that also appeal to vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or raw food eaters. Among some of the offered products are beetroot noodles, coconut chocolate butter, and quinoa pasta (we’ll take one of each, please!).

“It’s probably more about environmental impact first, where being vegan is first about animal rights,” explained Futter. “There’s been a real shift to making sure our ingredients are good and knowing where they come from.”

Futter got the job at the store after years cooking for the Camerons. Initially he wasn’t a vegan himself and was doubtful he could make good food without animal products but now he’s a convert.

“When I first got the job cooking for them, I thought ‘vegans, really?’. I was thinking I can’t do any baking without eggs or flour,” he admitted.

Now, however, not only does he enjoy his plant based diet, but Futter admits his energy levels are higher and he feels a lot better.

James Cameron also bragged about the same benefits after he switched to a vegan diet and Suzy Amis hopes that students at her all-vegan school in California will feel the same.

As for the New Zealand store, a cafe serving foods with ingredients sold on site is already in place and in the future it will serve cold-pressed juices. Futter also aims to produce more organic food locally.

James Cameron’s Vegan Food Store Opens in NZ | Ecorazzi.