cillian-murphy-592x399Actor Cillian Murphy becomes the latest celebrity to fire off a letter to Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, in support of banning fur farming in the country.

Ireland has yet to ban the atrocious act, and Murphy is urging his home country to join the growing list of nations — including Austria, Switzerland, the U.K., and northern Ireland — that have banned the cruel practice of fur farming.

It’s “a shameful, inhumane industry that is simply not compatible with animal welfare,” the “Batman Begins” star wrote in his letter on behalf of PETA.

Minks who are kept on these farms remain in cramped cages for their entire lives. Unable to run or swim or express any natural tendencies, many of these animals often go insane and mutilate themselves.

“A complete ban is the only way to end the misery endured by thousands of animals every year on fur farms,” Murphy’s letter states.

Murphy isn’t the first celeb to speak out against Ireland’s fur farms. In 2012, actress Angelica Huston urged the government to ban the horrific act. Huston, who admits to having worn fur coats, said in her letter: “I had a change of heart when I learned how minks and foxes on fur farms are crammed into tiny, dirty cages and driven so crazy by the confinement that many self-mutilate and even cannibalize (sic) their cagemates.”

Unfortunately, three years has passed since Huston’s letter and Ireland is not any closer to abolishing fur farms. Hopefully, this time, the Emerald Isle will listen.

Cillian Murphy Wants Ireland to Ban Fur Farming | Ecorazzi.