ThinkstockPhotos-182086716-copy-2Want that promotion? Say goodbye to meat! New research shows that veganism improves your overall work life.

According to a recent article in , the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine commissioned a study of more than 100 Geico employees who made the switch and underwent monitoring for four months. Researchers found a 10-pound weight loss average and “improvements in overall productivity, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and general health” in workers following a vegan diet as compared to workers that said “‘no thanks’ to tofu.”

In order to promote a positive view of veganism, Geico offered easy access to new plant-based foods in its cafeteria and brought on nutrition experts to provide employees with delicious cruelty-free recipes during their lunch breaks.

Luckily, going vegan these days is a snap! There is a slew of chain restaurants offering delicious plant-based options and every supermarket is stocked with inexpensive and healthy vegan staple items.

For more information, visit ChooseVeg.com today.

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