Avid vegan and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has partnered with Mercy for Animals to expose gross cruelty against chickens.

The actress narrates a video that features images captured in the latest Mercy for Animals undercover investigation of Gordon Food Service.

Starting from the point that chickens are crammed into transportation vehicles and taken long distances without any care so that “sick and diseased, a lot of the birds arrive dead at the slaughterhouse,” the video shows how callously the animals are treated throughout the whole process before they become meat.

Footage of the “terrified birds” being dumped from the vehicles and being “quickly slammed upside down into metal shackles” clearly show there’s nothing humane about it and profit comes first instead of the animals’ welfare.

“If they’re breathing, you need to hang them,” a manager says without knowing he’s being filmed. “But if they got a broke wings and leg broke or something like that, they’re still alive. I mean, we can still salvage that bird.”

The video also shows “desensitized workers” who treat the chickens as objects. One worker can be seen trying to suffocate a chicken with his rubber gloves.

Those who survive all that abuse are then electrocuted and “partially paralyzed but still conscious and able to feel pain, they have their throats cut open,” explains Anderson.

The lucky ones bleed to death but the more resilient ones are then scalded to death, which the USDA estimates happens to about a million chickens every year.

After all the blood and unbelievable cruelty are pictured, Anderson finishes the video by asking people to consider what they saw when eating.

“Please take a stand against the suffering of chickens and other farm animals by choosing to eat a humane vegetarian diet,” she says.

Pamela Anderson Helps Expose Cruelty Against Chickens | Ecorazzi.