kate-upton-592x398Supermodel Kate Upton is hoping people will find a diamond in the “ruff” at the Grand Slam Adoption event on Friday.

The Sports Illustrated cover girl is hosting the event that’s promoting dog adoption with the local Brevard County Sheriff Office’s Animal Services department. The doggie extravaganza will take place at Viera, Florida’s Space Coast Stadium before the Detroit Tigers play the Washington Nationals.

“The shelter is in my hometown and my sister volunteers there and whenever I’m in town I go over there and volunteer, too,” Upton, who owns three rescue dogs, told E! News. “I was raised on five acres and we’ve always been a dog and horse family. We’re big animal people.

“I feel it’s really important for people to know that there are such loving dogs out there that need homes and it’s important that your first thought not be to shop for a dog, but to adopt one,” she went on to say.

Upton will also be cheering on her baseball star boyfriend Justin Verlander at the game tomorrow, but she says that the dogs will be having just as much fun, if not more so, than the humans.

“They’re in crates all day but when people will see them they have so much energy because they have only on maybe two walks and haven’t been able to play or run outside,” she explained. “The dogs love the events too because they get to go out and run around and everybody is playing with them and playing fetch with them.”

More info about the event can be found here on their Facebook page.

We wish the dogs, and Kate, good luck! And that everyone — both dogs and people — get to play ball!

Kate Upton Helping Dog Adoption Effort in Hometown | Ecorazzi.