The Lincolnshire Trust for Cats is a seven-acre retirement facility for cats who outlive their guardians. It’s the first facility of its kind, and it’s definitely not what you’d think a cat retirement home would be like.

The Trust has three central south-facing rooms for around-the-clock sun bathing, a private room for the anti-social and rightfully grumpy cat, enclosed outdoor cat run-ins and a live-in caretaker, according to Mashable.

Ah, the retired life. Where a cat’s normal sun-bathing routine can continue uninhibited. 

The facility hopes to solve the sad and rarely-discussed idea that people sometimes don’t outlive their pets and often forget to make arrangements for them. Founder Jain Hills has run a cat-rehoming charity since 1999, but she found that older cats were slipping through the cracks because most rehoming charities and shelters won’t take them in, according to Metro UK. She said a man came to her with a 15-year-old, healthy cat whose guardian had passed away, and she knew it would be very difficult to rehome the cat.

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“It was then that I realized there must be something that can be done for healthy, older cats without a home,” Hills told Metro UK.

There’s a one-time fee of $1,300, which covers food, shelter and future medical needs. Bingo isn’t advertised, but you never know what all those cats do in their free time.

Right now the retirement home houses about 80 cats, who all enjoy the luxurious couches, chairs, rugs, heated blankets, and top-quality diets. Sounds like the purrfect cat retirement.

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