855680188_aaadab38cf_bA study published last month reveals North Carolina’s rivers and streams are loaded with pig excrement from local factory farms.

According to The Dodo:

The researchers found that 23 percent – nearly a quarter – of the samples exceeded state and federal recreational water quality guidelines for fecal bacteria and E. coli, strains of which can cause severe health problems for humans. Unsurprisingly, the most bacteria was found in waters immediately downstream of large hog facilities. …

… North Carolina, the second-biggest hog producer in the country after Iowa, processes more than 4 billion pounds of pork every year. The swine industry holds major political capital in the state and has dismissed the study’s findings.

The pollution of North Carolina’s water should come as no surprise. Late last year, Mark Devries flew a camera attached to a drone over a Smithfield pig factory farm in North Carolina, capturing footage of feces- and urine-filled lagoons that measured the length of four football fields. Devries released the disturbing images in a video short.

Luckily, just a few weeks ago, a federal court ruled that manure from factory farms and other agricultural operations must be treated and regulated as solid waste, and that factory farmers could be held liable for pollution from their facilities. If upheld, this ruling would set a powerful precedent.

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