3132232.largeForget those high tech home security systems and expensive trained watchdogs. If you want to be sure a stranger isn’t prowling around your property you should make friends with a goat.

That’s the lesson learned by the Browning family of Fountain, Colo. Their family goat, 6-year-old Dwight, is getting accolades for alerting the Brownings and their neighbors to a wanted man sneaking about in their backyard.

Earlier in the day the fugitive, Joseph Tyler Kimsey, fled police in his pickup truck during a morning traffic stop. Authorities pursued him down roads and through fields, beginning a car chase that made the local news. Kimsey, also known as Joseph Hargett, eventually abandoned his truck and tried to make his escape on foot.

dwight the goat

For a while, it looked like Kimsey might elude the police, and the manhunt continued throughout the afternoon.

With Kimsey unaccounted for, police urged nearby citizens to be watchful and careful. The Brownings monitored news updates, a bit concerned for their safety. By evening, though, they decided to leave their house for a while. Before they did so, John Browning wanted to look around his property again.

“One more time, I’ll just quickly check all the doors and windows and make sure they’re locked,” he told KKTV News, “and I just happened to glance down this way [toward the goat enclosure], and I said ‘Kathy, Dwight’s looking at someone.’”

So he was. Dwight was intently staring at a man walking out of the brushy area behind the Browning property. It was Kimsey, who made his way next door to Gary Keller’s property.

The Brownings kept a watchful eye on Kimsey and called 911. Next, Kathy Browning called to alert Keller.

“Kathy had called us up, said, ‘Hey, there’s someone walking towards your house that doesn’t look like he belongs there,’” Keller told KKTV News. Rather than staying inside, Keller managed to engage Kimsey in conversation, convincing him to come out of the brush and surrender.

Had the watchful goat not taken such an interest in the strange man in the bushes, no one would have been any the wiser. Kimsey is now in jail because Dwight was paying attention.

“He’s a hero!” the Brownings’ son, Nick, told KKTV News. “He deserves the key to the city.”

Watch a news report about Dwight here:

Kimsey is reportedly an Army sergeant with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, at nearby Fort Carson. He’s being held in El Paso County, Colo. Kimsey faces a laundry list of charges including reckless driving, speeding, reckless endangerment, possession of Schedule II drugs, driving without a valid license, possession of stolen license plates, and vehicular eluding. Oh, and there’s one more charge.

Dwight the goat managed to catch a man who was wanted on charges of animal abuse and neglect. How’s that for karma? Good for you, Dwight. Your family says you’re a hero. I’m pretty sure the rest of us agree.

Meet the Goat Who Caught a Fleeing Fugitive When No One Else Could | Care2 Causes.