suzy-amis-cameron-592x399Eco-conscious fashionistas gathered Thursday night at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont to celebrate Suzy Amis Cameron‘s annual “Red Carpet, Green Dress” Oscars event.

This year’s winners, Manon Gabard and Tingting Chen, are both students at Paris’ ESMOD-ISEM. The pair won the contest to  design a “green” gown and a tuxedo that will debut on Oscar’s red carpet on Sunday night.

Gabard is creating a gown for “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez, and Chen is designing a tuxedo for “American Sniper’s” Jake McDorman.

Amis Cameron founded the competition back in 2009, with all proceeds going towards sponsoring children to attend Muse School CA.

McDorman, whose tux will be created from eco-friendly fabrics including hemp silk and plant-dyed pea silk, is impressed with Hollywood’s eco-friendly initiatives.

“Being in the entertainment industry has made me much more aware of those things. On a set you’ll find all the time that people are ordering vegan food for lunch and you’ve got to have gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options at craft services,” he told Variety. “My girlfriend drives a Prius, and I feel like a monster now for not… It takes a little bit of educating yourself. I was living in New York for a long time and at least as far as transportation, I had a bike and I’d take the subway, so coming back here I’m questioning what changes I could make. I’ve always been the kind of guy who separates recycling and trash — that was the first thing I learned that I could manage myself, living on my own at 17, and I’ve kept up with that. It’s something that’s so important, if not the most important — how we take care of our planet.”

For her part, Amis Cameron, who teamed up with Reformation this year to create six capsule dresses as part of the event, seems to be as equally impressed with her eco-conscious project’s progress.

“It always takes my breath away when I see what my baby sister and I created for these kids,” she said at the event. “My dream is to create a better world and a cleaner planet for our children to grow up on and to grow into and to raise their families into, and it’s Red Carpet Green Dress that has helped with that.”

We’re excited to see the finished looks of Rodriguez’s dress and McDorman’s tux, but, like everyone else, we will have to tune in on Sunday night.

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