courtney-the-dog-592x399A two-year-old dog was left chained behind a Walmart in Michigan on Sunday, and later chewed off her own paw to escape the bitter cold.

Courtney, a mixed breed pooch, was found by a Walmart employee, who also discovered she had chewed off one of her paws in an effort to escape her restraints amid freezing temperatures. Courtney was soon rushed to Hopeful Heart Rescue shelter. There, doctors determined that she had chewed and consumed her own paw while outside. Ironically enough, her tight leash aided as a tourniquet for her injury.

“She was trying to get away,” Diana Rascano, president and co-founder of 4 Paws 1 Heart told USA Today. “The vet said what saved her was the tourniquet that caused the blood flow to stop, and the subfreezing weather may have frozen some of the wound so that she didn’t bleed to death.”

Courtney’s maimed leg was amputated on Sunday to prevent infection. Her medical expenses were thankfully covered by 4 Paws 1 Heart, an organization that pays for the medical expenses of homeless cats and dogs and helps them find their forever homes.

Fortunately, the staff at Hopeful Heart Rescue, where Courtney is resting up, believe that the brave pup will have no trouble finding her a home when she is fully healed.

“She’s just the sweetest dog,” Rascano said. “It seems like she belonged to someone at one time and how she [wound] up in that situation, we don’t know, but she will never have to go through that again.”

The authorities are currently looking for two men who were caught on surveillance video leaving Courtney behind the Walmart.

We hope that the abusers are found and rightfully punished. However, we’re looking forward to Courtney being safe and sound, and healthy and warm, in her new forever home.

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