3127233.largeArno Hubert and his dog Nando were crossing the train tracks on New Year’s Eve when the unthinkable happened. Arno’s motorized wheelchair stalled.

Over and over again, the 64-year-old tried to restart the chair, but to no avail. There in the cold morning air, a train appeared on the horizon.

Arno’s blood ran cold as a loud clanging filled the air. The warning beacon seemed to scream at Arno to run to safety, but naturally, he could not. Nando circled the chair excitedly, but was unable to save his companion. So he simply did what any dog would. He stood beside Arno and waited.  It’s times like this that we all wish superheroes were more than fiction.

A Hero Appears on Scene

An unidentified motorist who saw the fast approaching train,began honking his horn at Arno to warn him of the coming train. Within seconds, the driver realized that Arno was trapped and he jumped out of his car and dove under the closing barriers. He grabbed Arno firmly under the arms and carried him back across the tracks, with Nando running thankfully alongside. Both man and dog escaped unharmed, but the wheelchair was flattened beneath the train. 

If ever any of us find ourselves under death’s dark shadow, may we be lucky enough to find such a superhero. And most of all may we be fortunate enough to have a best friend like Nando who refuses to leave our side.

Mystery Hero Saves Man in Wheelchair and Dog Seconds Before Train Hits | Care2 Causes.