Peter Dinklage Wants You to ‘Face Your Food’

In Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister is always one step ahead of everyone else in King’s Landing. In the real world, the show’s star, Peter Dinklage, is just as forward-thinking. He has been vegetarian since childhood, because he has always respected animals. With that consideration in mind, Peter delivers an important narration for PETA’s farming exposé “Face Your Food.” You may want to turn away, but as he explains, this is what you pay for every time you buy meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Eating a plant-based diet is the only way to ensure that you’re not hurting animals (or the environment) with your food choices. The footage in Peter’s video exposes routine abuse in factory farms, and your decision to go vegan would be the first step toward putting an end to the suffering.

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