Actor Joaquin Phoenix is lending his star power to lash out against the cruelty pigs endure at a Walmart pork supplier.

“Do you ever wonder where your pork comes from?” The “Inherent Vice” star asks in a Mercy For Animals video that exposes the “harsh reality” pigs undergo at a Seaborn Food factory farm in Colorado before their meat winds up in Walmart stores.

The shocking footage from an undercover investigation shows workers slicing off the tails of piglets and ripping out their testicles with razors or fingernails. Pregnant pigs are confined to gestation crates that are barely larger than their body so they are unable to walk or turn around or lie down comfortably for their entire lives.

“This is torture,” Phoenix says. “But also typical of Walmart pork suppliers across the country.”

Phoenix is the latest celebrity to join the fight against gestation crates. Bob Barker has called them “needless cruelty,” while Steven TylerBill Maher and Danny DeVito have all called on local lawmakers to ban them.

Gestation crates have been largely denounced as cruel, and, in fact, have been banned in nine U.S. states and in the E.U. Over 60 major food providers, including McDonald’s, Safeway and Wendy’s, have ordered their suppliers to cease using them. Except for Walmart.

So now Phoenix wants us to join him, and Mercy for Animals, to call on Walmart against their cruelty to these animals who, Phoenix reminds us, are “one of the smartest…and sensitive animals” (to which Esther the Wonder Pig can wholeheartedly attest).

Of course, as Phoenix points out, “The simplest way to end cruelty to animals is stop simply stop eating them.”

Watch the video here:

WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Blasts Walmart For Torturing Pigs | Ecorazzi.