Following Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, it’s little wonder that by Cyber Monday, many people were happy to get anything for free. So when a pair of PETA “Lettuce Ladies” set up shop outside a Subway store in Washington, D.C., to give away the chain’s new vegan Riblet sandwich—made with tender veggie protein slathered in sweet and smoky barbecue sauce—they were mobbed by excited passersby, many of whom gave the tasty sandwich a big thumbs-up!

The Lettuce Ladies were so busy that one of them had to dash into Subway halfway through the demonstration and ask the store to whip up more sandwiches. PETA’s bikinied beauties also gave out free vegan starter kits and “Glass Walls” DVDs and talked to many people about how going vegan can not only banish holiday bloat but also reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and cancer. One older couple was especially interested to hear about a man who was able to stop taking medication for his cholesterol after he started eating a plant-based diet.

Subway’s vegan Riblet sandwich and Malibu Garden sub, a vegan patty topped with fire-roasted tomato sauce, are being test-marketed at select locations in the D.C. area, so if you live nearby, stop in to try them out. (You can find the vegan subs at these Subway shops: 320 King St., Alexandria, Virginia; 3720 Georgia Ave. N.W., D.C.; 3306 14th St. N.W., D.C.; 1127 Seventh St. N.W., D.C.; and 555 13th St. N.W., D.C.) If you don’t live in D.C., please ask your local Subway shop to start carrying the faux-meat subs. And remember: You can always cook up easy vegan sandwiches, soups, chili, pasta dishes, and more right in your own kitchen.

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