You could have knocked attendees of Fashionista’s “How to Make It in Fashion” conference over with a feather fascinator after a PETA member interrupted a guest panel presentation featuring BCBG Max Azria CEO Lubov Azria and informed the audience that BCBG sells clothes made from raccoon dog fur and angora wool.

Minutes later, after the first protester had been taken away by security guards, a second protester ran onto the stage, catching everyone off guard, and continued to educate the fashionistas about BCBG’s bloody coats and blatant greed.

Most raccoon dog fur and angora wool comes from China, where there are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms. Undercover investigations in China have revealed that raccoon dogs are often beaten and even skinned alive and that live rabbits have their fur ripped out as they scream in pain.

What You Can Do 

Whatever you do, don’t shop at BCBG this holiday season, and send the company an e-mail to let it know why. If Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Inditex, Limited Brands, H&M, Gap Inc., and Victoria’s Secret can completely ban both fur and angora wool, BCBG can, too.

To BCBG or Not to BCBG? That Is the Question | PETAs Blog | PETA.