IMG_82581-333x500A pile of naked bodies, covered with blood: When the bodies are human and lying in the middle of Trafalgar Square, it seems like a remarkable and shocking spectacle. But when the bodies of literally billions of animals are hacked apart for meat every year, many people turn a blind eye.

For World Vegan Day this year, we will address this disconnect with a massive, headline-grabbing demo in the centre of London! This morning, around 100 intrepid volunteers showed up, stripped off and agreed to be splattered with fake blood to help get across the message that flesh is flesh, whatever type of animal it comes from – and to encourage people to adopt a compassionate vegan diet for November and beyond.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and helped make this event a huge success!

Animals raised on filthy, crowded factory farms are often caged and deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, such as opportunities to forage for food and raise their young. Many are subjected to horrific mutilations, including having their teeth, tails and testicles cut off without any painkillers. Cows, pigs, chickens and sheep often have their throats cut while they’re still able to feel pain.

Do your part to help these animals by signing our 30-day vegan pledge for November (which is World Vegan Month):

World Vegan Month PETA Pledge

PHOTOS: Huge Heap of Naked Human Bodies Marks World Vegan Day – Animal Writes: PETA Foundation’s Blog Animal Writes: PETA Foundation’s Blog.