zombies-592x399Bloody viscera, exposed flesh and some bones sticking out. There’s definitely plenty of all of that on the set of ‘The Walking Dead’. So much, in fact, some of the cast and crew have had quite enough of it and are going vegetarian.

“After watching ‘Walkers’ realistically look as though they are consuming bloody human flesh or seeing heads and other body parts sliced off, no one was touching the red meat or even chicken that was on offer,” said an off-camera source who estimates about 80 percent of the food provided by craft services on set is now veggie-based. “And, often, we’re talking about hundreds of people who need to be fed on a show that regularly uses an enormous number of extras all made-up to look so scary they’d put anyone off eating.”

Norman Reedus, whose character Daryl Nixon is no stranger to close encounters with the cannibal zombie walkers, declared in a recent interview he was one of the people who have chosen to stay away from meat.

“I’ve become a vegetarian and I’m kind of bummed about it,” he stated.

With on set meals including spinach and avocado salad with garlic mustard vinaigrette, mushroom risotto and black bean and Mexican enchiladas according to The Daily Star, we have no clue what is there to be bummed about!

‘Walking Dead’ Cast, Crew Go Veg, Disgusted by Zombie Scenes | Ecorazzi.