Do you know folks who eat turkey breast? What about terrier breast?

A new billboard that PETA plans to place in London, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, in time for Canada’s Thanksgiving holiday asks people to consider how they would feel if it were Fido in the center of the table instead of Tom:


Like dogs, turkeys are social and playful and enjoy the company of humans. They are highly curious, scouting out new sights and smells. They enjoy having their feathers stroked, remember people’s faces, and will even come running when they spot a favorite human. Turkeys are also devoted, loving parents. In nature, chicks may stay with their mothers for up to a year.

Handsome Tom Turkey

But on factory farms, these gentle, intelligent animals spend nearly their entire lives crammed into windowless sheds. The only human contact that they receive occurs when workers chop off parts of their beaks and toes and the males’ snoods without any pain relief. Turkey eggs are hatched in an incubator, and the chicks never know their mothers. They’re only 5 or 6 months old when they are shipped to the slaughterhouse, where workers slam their legs into shackles, drag them through a “stunning tank” that immobilizes but doesn’t kill them, and slit their throats.

If we wouldn’t pay farms and slaughterhouses to torment and kill dogs like this, how can we pay to have it done to turkeys?

The Thanksgiving Dinner That Sits, Stays, and Speaks | PETAs Blog | PETA.